Hiking Tours

Connect with a local, private tour guide and arrange a hiking tour just for you and/or your family. Be prepared to encounter the wildlife and even learn how to identify certain birds, plants, animals, and more. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture lasting memories. If you are interested in a longer tour duration please contact us for pricing.

Solo Tours $60 per person

1.5 hours / 1 participant. Explore Tour & More offers one-on-one private tours. Enjoy the luxury of having a local guide’s undivided attention and the ability to choose the type of adventure you want.

Couples Tours $50 per person

1.5 hours / 2 participants. If you are interested in sharing an outdoor experience with a loved one or a friend contact us to book a couples tour.

Family Tours $250

2 hours / Maximum 6 participants. Our family tours keep both the adults interested and the kids entertained through cultural knowledge, fun facts and simply exploring nature.

Half Day Tours $425

4 hours / Maximum 6 participants. If you are interested in finding a fun activity to experience with friends and/or family, booking a family tour is a great option to get everyone outside and learning.

Full Day Tours $575

6 hours / Maximum 6 participants. These tours are geared to more experienced level participants. These tours require a higher skill level in regards to athleticism.


If it involves being outdoors we can create a package for you!