Hiking Tours

Connect with a local, private tour guide and arrange a hiking tour just for you and/or your family. Be prepared to encounter the wildlife and even learn how to identify certain birds, plants, animals and more. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture lasting memories. If you are interested in a longer tour duration please contact us for pricing.

Biking Tours

Biking tours and mountain biking tours are offered and tailored to each person’s skill level and comfortability. Biking tours are led by a local and experienced guide.

Group Tours

Share an adventure and meet new people on our group tours. Group tours are led by a local guide and require a minimum of 4 participants.

Custom Tours

If you have sometimes specific in mind do not hesitate to call to discuss your needs and interests. We would be more than happy to work with you until we can create a package that meets your expectations.

Baseball/Softball Lessons

We offer private baseball and softball lessons for people of all ages. Minimum age requirement is 9 years old and must be accompanied by an adult. Contact us so we can discuss a package that fits your needs.